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    We use terms of use to describe our engagement with our clients. The terms contain rules and regulations that every client must follow when using our services. These terms are customer based and are meant to guide our clients. Ensure that you read these terms of use before hiring us for a service because these terms apply to all our services.

    Our Terms and Conditions

    Autocadassignmenthelp.com uses terms and conditions to define our engagement with clients. Ensure that you read and understand these terms and conditions before hiring us to do your task. This is because our terms apply to every service we offer. If any part of our terms and conditions is unclear to you, seek clarification from our team. Our customer care team works day and night to ensure that all your questions are answered. If you don’t agree with the provisions provided in this section, please refrain from using the services of this website because the terms and conditions will apply. Copyright Autocadassignmenthelp.com owns all the content available on this website. We ask all our website visitors to respect all the information here. We don’t allow copying, modifying, sharing, distributing, or publishing of our information without a written permission of our management. Note that if we find anyone misusing information obtained from our website, we will handle the matter according to the law. The culpable person will pay for any damages incurred. We don’t limit the number of times our clients can visit this section. You can read the information available on this website as many times as you want.

    Termination of a contract

    A contract between a client and us becomes active once the client hires us and pays for the service to be offered. When a contract is active, either party can opt to terminate the contract depending on different reasons that will be explained during the termination. From our side, we can terminate your contract for various reasons, including if we find that you have used someone else’s money to pay for the service without their consent. If we also notice that the money you are using to pay for the service is obtained through money laundering, we will also terminate your contract. Should we find that you are using our website for any other purpose other than the stated one, we will also terminate our contract with you and ban you from accessing or using the website. A client can also terminate a contract because of different factors, which the client will explain during the termination. If you terminate a contract for an ongoing service, we will go through the reasons for termination and tell you whether you qualify for a refund or not. Before choosing to terminate a contract, ensure that you go through our refund policy to see when a client can qualify for a refund or not.

    Pricing and Payment

    Payments play an integral part in our service delivery. All payments for our services are made through our official payment methods. We ensure that every communication is also done through our official channels. Each service here attracts a different price because each task has a different quantity, urgency, and complexity. It’s important to note that some of the payment platforms we use attract service charges. Note that if you need a refund for a payment, you have to prove that you made the payment to us. Upon proof, we will process the refund immediately if you qualify for it. We use in-house dispute resolution methods if there is any dispute regarding a payment.

    Limitation of Liability

    All the details and information provided on this website are based on what we consider is right and correct. We will, therefore, not be held accountable for any information deemed misleading. We work very hard to ensure that you get the correct information. We, therefore, urge all our clients and website visitors to keep us away from any claim. Additionally, note that the information provided here is only in line with the service we offer. Editing/Changing Our Terms of Use Our terms and conditions are subject to change. We change or edit them from time to time to ensure that they are in line with our services. Note that we may change these terms of use without informing you. We urge all our clients and website visitors to visit this website from time to time to familiarize themselves with any changes. If you have any questions about the changes, reach out to us for answers.

    Confidentiality of Information

    We highly respect all the information we get from our clients. Therefore, every piece of information received regarding service delivery is treated as confidential information. Such information is not shared with any third party. On our privacy policy, we have provided a detailed explanation of how we treat every piece of information we get from clients. Therefore, it is important for you to be ready and understand every detail of our privacy policy. We only collect general information from clients and not personal details such as pins and passwords. If a client sends articles or writes a review about our service, we don’t treat such information as confidential, and therefore such information is published on our website for general public reading.

    Dispute resolution

    We offer all our services in good faith. In the event of any disputes, that is why we opt for mediation as the first dispute resolution method. We have a team of skilled professionals that deal with all disputes. If negotiations do not bear any fruit, the law comes in. This website is governed by the law, and that is why we follow the law exclusively. This website is governed by Indian law, and therefore, if there is any dispute, the same law will apply.